Bognor Regis Music Club rebuilding strongly

Bognor Regis Music Club is rebuilding strongly after the pandemic and after the death, a couple of years ago, of their chairman Chris Coote.

Ian Clark, who used to perform with Chris at the club, has now succeeded him as chairman and has seen the club through a successful first year back, effectively something of a rebirth. He is hoping to continue the rebuilding through the next year, particularly with a view to bringing in younger members.

“For me the vision is that we are now entering our 43rd year and we’ve got to make sure that we get to 50 and that means we’ve got to find younger people, younger members who are much more involved in our activities. But it is great that we have managed to pick up the baton from Chris and to know that his legacy carries on.”

Read more on the Sussex Express / Chichester Observer website.

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