‘Boissier: Two Piano Concertos and a Sonata’ CD by Valentina Seferinova

Hello people – at long last my latest CD – number 14 ! – the one I made in Lviv, Ukraine, with the Ukrainian Festival Orchestra under Grammy-winning conductor John McLaughlin Williams, and in a recording studio in Paris – just over 2 years ago, has finally been released.

It’s delay has been caused by Covid issues along the way – but has now received its first international review.

Its title is ‘Boissier; Two Piano Concertos and a Sonata’.

The first in-depth and fantastic review has appeared online at Music Web International. The review is mostly an analysis of the music; and of the composer himself.

Here are some edited extracts relevant to the actual recordings.

“I clicked on the first of the available samples out of interest, but literally couldn’t believe my ears. The start was exactly like hearing the ‘Warsaw Concerto’ all over again, and as I then avidly played through the remaining samples, I quickly realised that the musical content of the disc was something quite different from what I’d initially imagined it to be.… ”.

“The highly-committed performances from the Ukrainian Festival Orchestra are very much at one with the composer’s intentions, with inspired American conductor, John McLaughlin Williams, constantly keeping them on their toes, and extracting the maximum pizazz from each section.”

“In Bulgarian pianist Valentina Seferinova, Boissier has a fine exponent to deal with the powerful style of writing, which frequently leans more towards the massive chordal writing in Brahms’s Second Piano Concerto, ………”

“The absolutely first-rate recordings are most vivid and additionally add to the Boissier’s total credibility and overall appeal of his works.”

“You could become instantly smitten by what you hear ….”—Philip R Buttall, MusicWeb International

Elsewhere it’s apparently receiving plenty of airtime in the USA and across Europe (where someone says “just luxuriate in it!”)

Suggest you seek out samples of each track – widely available across the internet – including on the ‘Latest News’ page of my website then make up your own mind! before making your final decision.


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