Changes afoot at the Chichester Music Society

Chichester Music Society will be welcoming the Endymion Ensemble on Tuesday 13 June in memory of their late chairman David Tinsley in what they are promising will be an exuberant concert for the Festival of Chichester.

​It will also be Chichester Music Society’s last concert for the festival before the society – after three autumn concerts – moves to a different basis early next year.

CMS chairman Chris Hough said: “We remember David with great affection. He was a tireless and enthusiastic champion of live music and he really worked energetically and endlessly to promote excellent music performances in Chichester. I think the city is really indebted to his efforts but he was also jolly good fun. He was very good company and our meetings were always very amusing and entertaining. This is a society formed by a group of friends and we were all very upset when we lost David.”

Read about the changes to the CMS on SussexWorld.

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