D-Day 75 celebrations in Portsmouth

In June 2019 Portsmouth European Cities Twinning Committee is hosting Veni, Vidi Canto, an a cappella choir from Caen, which is providing all the finance for visiting Portsmouth. It has done some concerts in its German Twin City of Würzburg and now wish to come and visit us in their British Twin Town of Portsmouth.

We had begun to plan for its visit before the city was chosen as a featured city for the D-Day anniversary celebrations, so the fact that it is here can only enhance the many wonderful events happening in Portsmouth to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

We have arranged some wonderful musical and theatrical events for you to enjoy during the visit of Veni, Vidi Canto. We are also looking into other places the choir will be during the afternoon periods of that weekend.

On Saturday June 8th we hope to have the choir performing some songs to mark the arrival of Boudicca into Portsmouth Harbour on her return from marking the D-Day celebrations in and around Caen.

Boudicca will have veterans on board and she is currently due in the harbour around 13:30 on that day, so should be visible from just after midday on the horizon.

D-Day 75: Thanks for Peace Concert

There will be a concert at St Mary’s Church featuring The St Mary’s Church Choir, The Fine Voice Academy, Miss Becki Short – 40s performer (and her entourage including the Oasis Community Choir), and The Haven Community Choir.

On Sunday June 9th Veni, Vidi, Canto will sing at the Spinnaker Tower from around 10am, hoping for good weather for them to be able to sing near the entrance of the tower… If wet, look inside the Waterfront Café.

D-Day 75: A Celebratory Concert

The New Theatre Royal will host a celebratory concert that evening, celebrating the sailors, marines, soldiers, airmen and diverse communities of people, whose breath-taking bravery and ingenuity contributed to the D-Day campaign, paving the way for the liberation of Europe 75 years ago.

It will feature performers and personalities from both sides of the Channel, including Portsmouth and its twin city of Caen. It will also be a celebration of the communities touched by those events, past and present. Packed with incredible stories of bravery, moving performances, and shared moments of entertainment, we look forward to welcoming you to this special event.

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