Ensemble Reza offer a classical journey through Sussex with music and stories

Ensemble Reza was born as a group of musicians and friends who wanted to play together in the Mid Sussex area. This November they will be celebrating their tenth anniversary with a special series of concerts. But before that they will be playing, as they usually do, at this year’s Festival of Chichester.

Leading them is Pavlos Carvalho who brings the Ensemble to Chichester on Sunday, June 25 at 3pm for a concert at St Paul’s Church, Chichester. They are promising an afternoon of beautiful music as they take you on a journey with tales and music written by composers, both new and old, from our local Sussex.

As Pavlos says: “Reza has become my musical home with my wife and for our friends and our manager Hannah. The lines between work and play are very blurred. It is an amazing thing. You always feel that you’re rushing to get to your next deadline because everyone is always so busy but when we’re together it’s really just like a social gathering. We are all friends who are at similar stages and have gone through the same things, through family, through loss, through whatever, and the whole thing just feels like the very warm embrace of being with good friends which we are!” 

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