Bognor Regis Music Club: The Pallant Piano Group

The Pallant Piano Group, made up of local pianists, returns to the Bognor Regis Music Club showcasing works by Chopin, Ravel, Debussy and Schubert and many more.

Tickets are available on the door. £6 for members, £8 for visitors.

The Pallant Piano Group comprises local pianists who meet regularly to play to each other
under the mentorship of Terry Allbright, whose notes appear below:

The late Stephen Norris did some excellent accompanying for the University in Chichester, and he came to me for piano lessons. He came across my University Piano Group and asked me to help him set up something similar in town for local pianists. He had just moved to an ideal situation in South Pallant, and on October 21st 2012 we held our first group meeting.

In April 2013 we started to call ourselves Pallant Piano Group. After Stephen died in 2013, Chris Coote invited us to meet at his home in Tangmere, then Chris died in 2020 and we moved to the University Chapel.

Stephen and Chris are both terribly missed, of course – for their dependable input and hospitality as well as for their characters and talents. The initial idea, as with the university group, was to have a regular chance to play to a small group of other pianists who were themselves also going to perform: a sort of halfway place between rehearsal and performance.

Most of us need a date/deadline to really get anything done, and the meetings provide that as well as being a frequent opportunity to practise dealing with performance anxieties and other problems in a completely safe setting. The emphasis is most definitely on learning rather than teaching, but we do have feedback and discussion, and the meetings are variously led by Terence Allbright, Angela Zanders and Christopher Johnston. Many members of the group play in festivals, and the chance to share a concert for BRMC is greatly valued.

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