Chichester Music Society: Peter Medhurst, lecture recital

In the University of Chichester Cloisters

“The Nocturne in 19th Century Music and Art”

Peter Medhurst makes a welcome return to CMS with this evening’s lecture recital.

In 1859 when Franz Liszt edited the Nocturnes of the Irish composer John Field, he said in his preface ‘to him we may trace the origin of pieces designed to portray subjective and profound emotion.’ Once Field had coined the term nocturne in 1812, other composers such as Chopin, Mendelssohn, Fauré and Debussy followed suit and contributed to an increasing repertoire of atmospheric and meditative night pieces. However, from the early 1870s, the term ‘nocturne’ was used in the titles of paintings by the American painter, James Whistler, and in addition to exploring the history of the musical nocturne, the lecture/recital explores its relationship with the world of art.

Peter is an accomplished singer, pianist and lecture recitalist whose work has taken him all over the world as well as presenting events at the King’s Place, the Barbican, St John’s Smith Square and the Royal Festival Hall in London.

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Chichester Music Society (CMS), formally Funtington Music Group, meets nine times a year at the University of Chichester. Its annual musical programme is full of variety and includes concert appearances by well-known artists and ensembles, illustrated lecture-recitals and guest appearances by international celebrities.
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