Havant Chamber Orchestra: Delius, Gounod and Mozart

Havant Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: Robin Browning
Leader: Catherine Lawlor (pictured)

Arrive early to enjoy …
6.30pm–7.00pm: Pre-concert talk

On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring – Delius
Summer Night on the River – Delius
Petite Symphonie for Wind – Gounod
Symphony No. 40 – Mozart

Our final HCO concert of the season brings a gentle summer breeze to Fareham with light classics for all to enjoy.

Delius was a composer who, though influenced by his travels around the world, wrote some beautiful music about the English countryside. ‘On hearing the first cuckoo in spring’ and ‘Summer night on the river’ are outstanding examples of his talent.

In October our string section had a concert all to themselves so now it’s the turn of our wind players to shine! They will perform the Petite Symphony for Wind by French composer Charles Gounod.

And to finish, of course Mozart breathes life into any concert and his Symphony No. 40 is no exception – considered variously as ‘tragic’ and ‘full of lightness and grace’ it cannot fail to both move and entertain.

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Tickets £15 to £1.

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