Havant Symphony Orchestra: 60th Anniversary Concert

Read interviews with some of the orchestra’s longest-standing members on the occasion of this remarkable milestone.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Dukas

Violin Concerto in D major – Tchaikovsky
Soloist: Melina Mandozzi

Royal Hunt & Storm from “The Trojans” – Berlioz

Symphonic Dances – Rachmaninov

Magical mystery tour

You’ll have heard the story of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” – where the young apprentice tries out his beginner’s magic in order to save himself work but hasn’t yet learnt the spell to stop it and ends up with a disaster? The music by Dukas for this story is wonderfully evocative, even without the famous Disney cartoon accompaniment – we can’t wait to portray whirling brooms and out-of-control pails of water for you!

Magic of the musical kind pervades the rest of this concert, too. We’ve invited top violinist Melina Mandozzi (pictured) to join us to revel in the gorgeousness of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto – a favourite of all violinists. To complete the concert, we present music infused with more stories and reminiscences: the Royal Hunt and Storm from Berlioz’ grand opera The Trojans and Rachmaninov’s deeply Russian Symphonic Dances.

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Image credit of Melina Mandozzi: Magnus Skrede

Havant Symphony Orchestra is made up of a mix of professional and gifted amateur players and puts on 3 concerts each year.
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