Havant Symphony Orchestra: “Great classics for all”

The Land of the Mountain and the Flood – MacCunn

Capriol Suite – Warlock

Piano Concerto No. 3 – Prokofiev
Soloist: Christos Fountos

Symphony No. 2 in D – Brahms

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A pick and mix classical variety-fest awaits you at this concert by Havant Symphony Orchestra! Major serious composers? tick; Live virtuoso pianist? tick; Great hummable tunes? tick! To quote a first-time audience member at one of our previous concerts “This is proper!”

The major composers are Prokofiev and Brahms, but we also introduce you to Peter Warlock with his Capriol Suite, based on renaissance dances, and to Hamish MacCunn whose Land of the Mountain and the Flood is a delightful evocation of his native Scotland.

The virtuoso pianist is Christos Fountos – born in Cyprus but a student of the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. His performance of Concerto No. 3 by Prokofiev will be spectacular!

Hummable tunes? These will feature throughout but especially in the MacCunn and Warlock, and Brahms’ Symphony No. 2 will leave you with a warm glow to take home at the end.

Tickets (£12, £6, £1) and further info.

Havant Symphony Orchestra is made up of a mix of professional and gifted amateur players and puts on 3 concerts each year.
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