Petworth Festival: Royal Academy Lunchtimes – Kvadrat Trio

Małgorzata Zwierzchowska – violin/viola

Władysław Lech – clarinet 

Eden Agranat Meged – piano

Kvadrat Trio is a London-based clarinet trio. Formed in April 2021, the trio has performed recitals at the Royal Academy of Music and have been awarded the prestigious Harold Craxton Prize. Their programming includes pieces for clarinet and piano with violin or viola, which makes the ensemble four edged instead of three – hence their name (kwadrat – pl. square). 

Béla Bartok     

Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet and Piano 

I. Verbunkos 

II. Pihenő 

III. Sebes 

Aram Khachaturian 

Trio in G Minor for Clarinet, Violin and Piano 

I. Andante con dolore, con molto espressione 

II. Allegro 

III. Allegro agitato

Paul Schoenfeld 

Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano 

I. Freylakh 

II. March 

III. Nigun 

IV. Kozatske 

Tickets: £12.50 (18 and under £5). Visit the Petworth Festival website for further details

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