The Renaissance Choir: English Renaissance Masters

Choral treasures from the time of the Tudors: Tallis, Byrd, Taverner, Dowland and others.

This programme is the fourth in a series of our acclaimed ‘Renaissance Masters Series’.

To date, we’ve sung gorgeous music from Holland, Spain and Italy and now bring the sensuous strains of Byrd, Tallis, and other Tudor composers to Petersfield. The Renaissance period was a melting pot in England, with the Church of Rome and the Church of England in a battle for dominance as different monarchs showed their preference. It wasn’t an easy time to be a Roman Catholic – your head could easily part company with your body if you worshipped incorrectly – so some composers (such as William Byrd) used subtle ways to express their faith.

It was also the time of the madrigal in England – and we will sing some of the most popular songs of the time.

Joining us will be fabulous local guitarist, Zoe Barnett.

Tickets £13, under 25s £2, from One Tree Books or online, or on the door.

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The Renaissance Choir comprises around 34 singers that puts the beautiful music of the Renaissance period at the heart of its repertoire.
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