Zabetas: with Plastikes Karekles

Zabetas is one of the warmest and most relatable and uplifting Greek musicians. His catchy and melodic music, filled with the down-to-earth tragedy and comedy of the human condition, makes his songs part of the DNA of Greek life. They make you smile and dance and sing along.

Plastikes Karekles “had people dancing in the aisles and evoked memories of sunnier climes.” (Nottingham Press).

Maria Tsirodimitri, voice/guitar
George Tsolakis, voice/guitar
Manolis Taouxis, voice/bouzouki
George Angelopoulos, baglama, bouzouki
Dimitris Koustas, voice/accordion
Pavlos Carvalho, cello/ double bass

Tickets £15-£6.

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