Festival of Chichester Amici Concert Series

This year will feature the fifth Amici concert series at the Festival of Chichester.

We will welcome back Romanian violinist Bogdan Vacarescu with String Dimensions to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Italian composer Antonio Bazzini; Chilean guitarist Jorge Bravo and Spanish percussionist Demi Garcia with their Trio Nova featuring UK Jazz bassist Alec Dankworth; and German – Egyptian singer-composer Merit Stephanos with her solo story-telling and music show. We will also be joined by Syrian oud virtuoso Rihab Azar and her Zamaan Trio performing classical and traditional music from across the Middle-East; Lynden Cranham and violinist Sara Timossi, Baroque musicians local to Chichester; Rebetiko ensemble Plastikes Karekles; and Rwandan singer-songwriter & peace activist Jean Paul Samputu, who represents the award-winning charity Music Action International.

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String Dimensions:
Rihab Azar
Plastikes Karekles
Lynden Cranham and violinist Sara Timossi

About Amici Concerts

Founded in Chichester in 2014 and co-directed by two local professional musicians, Amanda Cook (guitar) and Meg Hamilton (violin/viola), Amici Concerts presents some of the world’s finest international musicians throughout the year from a range of classical, world, jazz and folk music traditions, with exciting new collaborations, local musicians and well established groups, focusing on an annual week of eclectic summer concerts during the final week of the Festival of Chichester, in the wonderful acoustic of St Pancras Church, Eastgate Square.

Amici Concerts are held throughout the year at a number of different venues in and around Chichester including St. Pancras Church, Chichester Inn, St. John’s Chapel and The Chapel of the Ascension at the University of Chichester, and Halnaker Park Cottage garden.

Pictured: Jean Paul Samputu – Rwandan genocide survivor, singer, songwriter, and peace activist Samputu brings traditional African singing, dancing, and drumming, and a message of hope, forgiveness, reconciliation, and love to Chichester on Sat 14 July at 1500.

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