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What the Music in Portsmouth website is all about

Music in Portsmouth (MiP) has been set up to help amateur and professional classical musical groups in the Portsmouth area to promote their own and other groups’ concerts and to help avoid date clashes with other groups.

Email updates relating to concerts

Each month I email out a listing of the forthcoming concerts and other events in the area. I also send it to media contacts and other organisations such as libraries and tourist information offices with the intention that the listings of what is on in the area will be displayed to the public.

The Noticeboard and its associated email updates

Each month I email out a newsletter with links to the most recently updated Noticeboard items.

The MiP Noticeboard provides news about performers and performances, previews and reviews. Items can be filtered by type of item. Subscribers are encouraged to submit content and images. There are links to performer/ concert pages on MiP as well as to external websites.

Long-term diary

There’s a long-term diary that lists concerts for the next couple of years. Its principal purpose is to avoid clashes of repertoire and it is available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

My aims for MiP are to:

Help publicise the performances of our member groups

Publicity can be expensive, so it is important to know that it is well-targeted. It is likely that the people who come to one concert will be interested in other concerts in the same area. The MiP listings will be an effective means of publicity for all.

Prevent clashes of concert dates

When you are planning the dates of your future concerts, it can be very useful to know whether other concerts of a similar nature are being planned in the area around the same time.

Join MiP!

If you represent a classical musical group performing in or around Portsmouth (including Fareham, Petersfield, Chichester, Midhurst, Petworth and Bognor Regis) and you want to profile your group on MiP, please contact me.

I am asking for a donation of £20 per group for 2022. There were no subscriptions in 2021 owing to the pandemic.

These are the benefits that you will receive:

  • I will update the MiP website with content relating to your own group, following your instructions but also using the content that’s available on your website and social media channels.
  • You can get news, concert previews and news published via the Noticeboard.
  • I will maintain the long-term diary for you. This lists concerts into the next couple of years and is essential for planning and for avoiding clashes.
  • I will encourage all groups to put a reference to the website in their concert programmes, thereby promoting each other’s concerts.
  • The MiP website will drive traffic to your websites, thereby improving your search engine optimisation.
  • I use Twitter and Instagram to support all these activities.

I am adding new performers all the time.

To find out more, please call me on 07767 230389 or contact me via this site.

Here you can read a profile of Music in Portsmouth (PDF).

Best wishes,
Simon O’Hea

MiP website administrator

Member of the Renaissance Choir and the Chichester Voluntary Choir.
Helping to run the Festival of Chichester, the Chichester Fringe and the Petersfield Musical Festival.

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