Giving voice – writing to our MPs to ask the government to stand up for the arts

Making Music Chief Executive, Barbara Eifler, outlines what we can ask MPs to support us with as we return to music-making.

Many of our members picked up on the article by Richard Morrison in last week’s The Times, asking why the government was not standing up for choirs and helping them re-open as the coronavirus lockdown eases. And many got in touch with Making Music about this, intending to write to MPs and other contacts, to try and get the government to focus on the problems facing music groups planning to meet again.

Barbara continues – read more at the link at the bottom of this page.

What can you do?

Now is the moment to write to your MP and ask them for help with these issues. There was a time when leisure-time music may not have been a suitable topic to raise, when the nation’s thoughts were focussed on daily deaths and overstretched keyworkers, but it’s now time to act.

Now that things are improving, those of us who have lived experience of the enormous benefits singing and playing together bring us have a duty, almost, to make sure that groups are able to come together again soon, to heal the souls of our members – and of the nation which has been joining virtual choirs and learning the ukulele while confined to their homes.

Not sure where to start with your letter? Download a brief summary of our submission to the parliamentary inquiry for inspiration: Summary of MM submission to DCMS.

Read a letter that Simon O’Hea (editor of Music in Portsmouth) has written to his MP: Letter to Alan Mak MP about music-making and lockdown
Here is the associated technical paper: The relative risks of inhaling virus-laden air for singers and players

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