Holy Trinity Gosport music events: Mornington Tide WI Choir

6 November 2022, Holy Trinity Gosport

Today’s Tea-Time Concert was simply lovely! We were entertained by music from across the globe – all of it delightful!

I gave the concert the title of ‘Sounds of Morning Tide’ but a more appropriate title would have been ‘Singing for Joy’ as this more accurately reflects our experience this afternoon.

Choir members clearly love to sing and this was evident throughout the concert: in their faces and, more especially, in their voices . . . We all agreed that, though we don’t often have ‘audience participation’ in our concerts, it turns out . . . we are pretty good at it . . .

We loved the whole programme but particular mention must be given to ‘Bridge of Light’ composed by Liz Marshall, accompanist, which everyone agreed was especially beautiful. All singers were thanked for their performance, with particular thanks to Liz on the piano and Kathy for bringing us the joy of Morning Tide WI Choir this afternoon.

Maggie McMurray

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