Pavlos Carvalho and “my beautiful therapeutic Bach” – Chichester concert

For the third of his three Festival of Chichester concerts, Pavlos Carvalho returns to his beloved Bach.

After offering ensemble concerts with Plastikes Karekles and Ensemble Reza, it will just be Pavlos, his cello and Bach on Friday, June 30 at 1pm at St Paul’s Church, Chichester.

Pavlos will perform the 1st Suite, G major, the simple, innocent genesis of all the suites, and then the more inward-looking and reflective 2nd Suite in G minor.

As Pavlos says: “Bach speaks to the soul and intellect at once, to the religious and secular, the young and old. He speaks to all. You could talk about Bach for hours and hours and still not say everything you want to say. It is the relationship that you have with Bach and the way that that relationship evolves and grows as you go through life. We could talk about his music and listen to his music for years and never ever get tired.”

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