Preview: Chichester Cello Day

23 June, University of Chichester

For over 20 years Chichester has enjoyed Cello Day events at the University of Chichester. Here’s your chance to join in and be part of a cello orchestra.

The Chichester Cello Day is an annual event run by cellist Professor Laura Ritchie at the University of Chichester. Cellists (approx. grade 3 and above) come together for a day of fun music making, full of rehearsing and performing as a cello-orchestra. From classical composers to popular music, cellists get experience playing a range of different styles.

Professor Ritchie conducts the ensemble and gives technique tips and practice advice throughout the day. This year the Cello Day will have a special contribution on wellbeing for string players  from Ray Box, violinist and PhD researcher from Apollo Coaching. 

Previous pieces have included Barber’s Adagio, where advanced players test their knowledge of treble clef and thumb position as they play what would be the violin part to let the melody line soar above. Music is sent in advance and parts are tailored to individual’s levels. This year music ranges from Mozart Symphony 40 (Movement 1) to Think about things by the Eurovision famed group Daði Freyr.

The Cello Day runs from 10am to 4pm with a final concert at the end of the day (free for the friends and family). Cellists bring their own lunch. Music is provided in advance. Participation costs £35 for the day and places can be booked here:

For more information please contact Professor Laura Ritchie

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