Preview of Portsmouth Choral Union: “Salzburg Splendour”

For the first concert of their new season, Portsmouth Choral Union will be presenting a programme entitled ‘Salzburg Splendour’, featuring works both familiar and unfamiliar.

Mozart’s ‘Solemn Vespers’ are, despite their title, anything but solemn. They are full of captivating melodies, energetic rhythms and include the justifiably well known ‘Laudate Dominum’ – a haunting soprano solo with discreet choral accompaniment.

Alongside the Mozart will be the Requiem by Haydn, but not the better known Joseph Haydn – famous for over one hundred symphonies and his oratorio ‘The Creation’. This is the work of his brother Michael Haydn, and for anyone hearing it for the first time, they may be forgiven for thinking it strongly influenced by Mozart’s much better-known setting of the same text. However, this work composed some twenty years earlier – and well known to Mozart – was, in fact, a strong influence on him when composing his own Requiem. If you like Mozart’s Requiem you will really enjoy Michael Haydn’s setting of the same text.

This concert, accompanied by Southern Pro Musica and directed by David Gostick, will be held at St. Mary’s Church, Portsea on Saturday 16th November at 7.30pm.

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