Preview: Petersfield Orchestra – Tchaikovsky’s Christmas Nutcracker

It felt rather unseasonal when we started rehearsals in September for: ‘Tchaikovsky’s Christmas Nutcracker‘! With 16th November only two weeks away, we are feeling very festive. After all, Clara’s big party takes place on Christmas Eve!

Snow-laden scenes surface too in the opening work, Prokofiev’s Lieutenant Kijé Suite, with its famous depiction of a Christmas ride on a troika or three-horse sleigh. Originally a film score, it loses none of its pictorial colour when transferred to the concert hall.

As if that were not enough, we end with Sibelius’s mighty First Symphony; listening to it, again it is hard to dispel images of Finland’s snowy landscapes and Nordic mythology. Conductor Robin Browning is sure to bring all his avowed love of Sibelius, and all his orchestral expertise, into play. He will also be one voice in the usual free pre-concert talk in the Hall at 6.30pm.

Piers Burton-Page, Petersfield Orchestra

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