Preview: Rose Hsien and Havant Chamber Orchestra’s May Concert

Readers may not have not heard of violins made by Carlo Bergonzi. This is a shame because he made some top-class fiddles. In fact, his Mum and Dad lived next door to Antonio Stadivari in the Piazza San Dominco in Cremona, Italy. Young Carlo was apprenticed to the Amati family of luthiers and also worked with the Guanari violin makers. In time he became so good that Stradivari gave him all of his repair business.

Carlo Bergonzi’s finest violin was made in 1740 and became known as the Kreisler, because Fritz Kreisler owned it for a while.  Itzhak Perlman played it too. However, even the most wonderful fiddle in the world needs to be in the right person’s hands for its beauty to be appreciated.

Fortunately, concert-goers can hear another of Carlo Bergonzi’s fine instruments in the capable care of Rose Hsien, the Taiwanese soloist, when she plays with at the Havant Chamber Orchestra concert at Ferneham Hall, Fareham, in the evening of Saturday 19 May.

Beautiful, talented and twenty-something, Rose will play Mozart’s Violin Concerto No in G and a Romance for Violin and Orchestra by Dvorak. With a host of prizewinning achievements to her credit including those from the Yehudi Menuhin, Tchaikovsky and Debussy international competitions, she’s sure to bring out the best in the Bergonzi.

There are two other knockout numbers on the HCO’s programme at Ferneham Hall.  Dvorak’s Czech Suite in D Major and Mozart’s Symphony No 38 in D. That gives three of the evening’s works a distinct Prague connection. Dvorak was born near there and Mozart’s symphony was premiered there in 1787.

The Czech Suite contains a fiery Bohemian dance called a furiant. This may give the audience all the heady atmosphere of a wild stag weekend in Prague without the subsequent hangover.

Tickets are on sale at Ferneham Hall Box Office (01329 231942) or via

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