Profile: Antonia Kent

Antonia Kent is graceful, tall, and talented. Known as Toni to her friends, her life is awash with musical activity. For a start, she is a very accomplished saxophonist and a first-class double bass player.

Educated at Gravesend Grammar School, Toni began learning the piano aged eight but was soon drawn towards the saxophone as her favourite instrument. She gained a master’s degree in music at Chichester University where her tutor, ace clarinettist Spencer Bundy, still regards her as one of his star pupils.

Toni plays the double bass in the Havant Symphony Orchestra, Worthing Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chichester Symphony Orchestra. She also plays tenor saxophone in the Changing Winds Quartet and the Auster Quartet. The Auster Quartet also has the option of combining the clarinet, flute and bassoon within the ensemble making it highly popular as a weddings and functions band.

A Performance Administrator at Chichester University in her professional life, Toni organises students’ instrumental/vocal lessons and exams. She also deals with general queries from students and staff. As if that were not enough, she is heavily into orchestral management. Currently, she is involved with the Hanover Band, one of Britain’s finest period instrument orchestras. It’s named after the Hanoverian period of British history (1714 to 1830) and has toured all over the Northern Hemisphere from China to Canada and from Mexico to Manchester. The Band and its Schubert Octet have concerts in East and West Sussex this year.

Toni is also a dab hand at baking. Her fancy cupcakes and imaginatively decorated, mouth-watering gateaux are to die for.  Cakes and classical music; what a treat for the senses!

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