Renaissance Choir members say what they think about the choir – video

Beach Hut Productions has been busy filming the choir during a rehearsal for its “Protest” concert. 
View the video.

Here are some quotes:

“Everyone shares the common aim of achieving the highest standards of music-making that we can, in a fun kind of way.”

“We have a good laugh and bring lightness to the occasion, though when the singing starts, it’s taken seriously.”

“The choir’s small size means that you get to know people quickly. Not so small that you are having to work excessively hard, but big enough to enable you to feel that you can make an impact.”

“The music is sung a cappella, so there’s nowhere to hide.”

“The choir is like a big family. There’s a real mix of ages and experience.”

“At the of the week, it’s an opportunity to be in a community of like-minded people who are prepared to work hard and who get a lot out of their singing.”

“It’s wonderful when all those harmonies come together in a lovely blended sound…and we’re sometimes singing in up to 12 different voice parts.”

“It’s the huge variety of music that I love.”

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