Review – Chichester Music Society: Bursary Holders Concert

The end of our 2021 Season ended not with a bang but with a truly enjoyable evening to the sounds of beautiful music and followed by the sounds of convivial talk amongst members and their friends over a glass of wine and mince pies.

Our Student Bursary Concert along with our Student Showcase Concert are the Society’s two most important events of our season highlighting Robert Headley, our founder’s wish to further the futures of students wishing to make music their career.

All three artists gave performances of perfection with the sensitive accompaniment of Ben Hall the Head of Music. It also showed how well we had used our Bursary money to fund such talented musicians.

The performers were the perfect example of how different the paths to their musical goals were. Lisa our soprano was a public performer through and through with her multi-disciplines, of ballet, stage-actress, violinist and pianist. Then there was Charlie our trumpeter who since the age of 9 had wanted to learn the trumpet and now wishes to devote his skills to teaching. Taisia is a promising historical violinist and will become a specialist solo and baroque orchestral player.

Did we expect this and how much do we know about the music students, their teachers and the University music department? I felt that this was a concert that exceeded our expectations and I hope members went home with more understanding of the unique link the Society has with the University and knowing that their donations were fulfilling Robert Headley’s vision.

Nearly £300 was contributed to the retiring collection in support of the Robert Headley Fund, with online donations bringing the total to over £500.


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