Review: Dolce String Quartet and Friends perform Mendelssohn’s Octet, 4 March

Today’s was a very special concert indeed and a fitting tribute to Angela Martin, founder viola player with Dolce String Quartet, who sadly died last year.

The first piece, written by Mendelssohn when he was but sixteen years old, was simply stunning: hard to comprehend that a 16-year-old had composed a piece for a string octet where each instrument had its own individual music, and stunning to listen to the musicians today as they brought it all together so seamlessly!

Mendelssohn said that he ‘had a lovely time writing it’ and it was clear that Dolce and Friends thoroughly enjoyed playing it – and it follows that we had a great time listening to it today!

The afternoon continued with two pieces played especially for Angela: Elgar’s ‘Serenade to Strings’ and a joyous finale as they played out with the Irish folk tune, ‘Molly on the Shore’. Thank you to all the musicians for their memorable performance this afternoon.

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