Review of Holy Trinity Gosport tea-time concert: Catherine Bilton

Today’s concert can only be described as ‘a triumph’ for Music and the Arts at Holy Trinity!

Catherine Bilton, soprano, brought us great joy this afternoon: to listen to her remarkable voice is a joy in itself and we were transported from an ordinary Sunday to an extraordinary one whilst listening to her sing. Her voice evoked a wide range of emotions from coquetry to anguish (and I felt them all)! Add to all this her delightfully playful introductions and we were all smitten.

It was a beautiful programme of music and, although Catherine had her own favourite in the Brahms, I would find it impossible to claim one above the others as I was delighted with each new song; one, however, stands out in my memory: ‘When I have sung my songs’ by Ernest Charles. Catherine’s rendering of this held such pathos it was impossible not to be moved and brought me close to tears.

Family and friends turned out to support Catherine in her first public performance since the beginning of the pandemic; I am certain she will have many more fans following today’s concert. We thanked Catherine and her very able accompanist, Nickie Tabeart, for their superb performance. If you missed her this time, she hopes to return in 2023!

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