Review: The Kalore Trio at St Faith’s, Havant

Review: The Kalore Trio at St Faith’s, Havant

If it’s romance you’re after, look no further than the Kalore Trio. The three talented ladies, Karen Kingsley (piano), Elizabeth Cox (violin) and Amanda Berry (‘cello) wooed the audience at their debut performance at St Faith’s Church, Havant recently.

The fifty-strong audience simply loved them and were treated to works by those Romantic Era composers, Clara Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn. All three musicians have played professionally on their own. But their body language showed how much they enjoyed performing together for the first time. The final applause at the concert was lengthy and rapturous.

Among the listeners were several discerning amateur musicians. Their comments sum up the overall reaction. “Lovely”, “Very enjoyable”, “Brilliant”, “Wigmore Hall standard”; these were just some of the encouraging words to be heard.

The concert was a complete success from a musical point of view. It also raised £266.30 for the St Faith’s Big Build initiative.

All three players wore stylish, floral dresses; possibly haut couture. These chimed in beautifully with the background of St Faith’s Flower Festival.

Karen Kingsley’s piano playing was forceful yet controlled. She is a naturally strong player and the Waldstein piano did her justice. Violinist Elizabeth Cox also played exceptionally well. Her tone was clear without being strident in the fortissimo passages. Amanda Berry’s ‘cello playing was as energetic as ever as she produced a strong, mellow and confident tone exactly where it was needed. These were three top class professional musicians at work.

However, credit for the recital’s success must also include mention of Rob Blanken’s page-turning skills. Never once did the master clarinettist lose concentration or falter in this lowly, yet crucial, task. Rumour has it that he gave pre-concert advice about the balance to be struck between the three instruments. If this is true, then well done Rob.

The actual repertoires are not yet finalised but the Kalore Trio have a number of concerts in the pipeline. It’s very likely that wider tastes than the Romantic Era will be catered for. Don’t miss the Kalore Trio at Holy Trinity Church Gosport on Sunday 2 September or Stansted House on Thursday 18 October.

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