Scala Radio’s Unfinished Symphony

Scala Radio, the self-styled “classical music station for modern life” has come up with a great idea to lighten the mood of the music lovers during lockdown. It’s a feature called Unfinished Symphony. It’s on their morning show just after nine o’clock. The whole concept is to encourage listeners to fashion an entirely new piece of music together from their own homes.

Every Monday morning there is a “starter track” to provide some inspiration for their own compositions. It’s only a few bars, about five seconds. Scala will then play the track every morning to see what new and exciting compositions listeners have created.

The idea is beautifully simple. Tune into Scala Radio online after nine in the morning and follow the instructions for Unfinished Symphony. There’s a link to help budding composers hear what others have created so far. The links are:

You can also get in touch with Charles Nove, who selects soothing and vibrant music, via

It really is fun. Don’t forget that sometimes simple things can snowball and lead to unforeseen major achievements. Your new creation could become a great success. It could end up being played at the Albert Hall with you conducting a vast orchestra. So, if you fancy yourself as Portsmouth’s answer to Puccini or Southampton’s answer to Sebelius, why not have a go?

Charles Nove selects a blend of vibrant and soothing music for your morning with a light look at the day’s news. Search Scala Radio on Facebook and @scalaradiouk on Twitter and Instagram.

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