Shopwyke Singers: Brahms Requiem

The Shopwyke Singers return to their regular home of Boxgrove Priory for their next concert on Sunday, November 20 at 7pm – a performance of Brahms’ mighty Requiem.

Spokesman Richard Allum said: “The Priory, which can trace its origins to the 12th century, features the most exquisite ceiling frescos and a marble labyrinth similar to the one found in Chartres Cathedral, Chichester’s twin city. It is also well known for its stunning acoustic.

“Although the choir has performed the Requiem before, it will have particular significance on this occasion. 2022 marks the 125th anniversary of the composer’s death. T hus it seems a fitting tribute to perform one of his most enduring works. Composed upon the death of his own mother in 1865, and soon after the death of his great friend Robert Schumann, it is a deeply personal work with heart-rending melodies and a text linking bible verses which lead from suffering and mourning to consolation. The concert is directed by the choir’s founder Alex Dichmont and will feature soloists Lucy Cronin and Richard Paterson, with Matthew Cooke providing the organ accompaniment.

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