Preview: Solent Symphony Orchestra: Spring Classics, with Alexandra Peel

4 March, Portsmouth Cathedral

In this concert, the Solent Symphony Orchestra will bring some of classical music’s most famous pieces to life. The programme includes works by Mozart, Bruch and Brahms. The audience will be transported through time to experience the beauty and grandeur of classical music in the magnificent surroundings of Portsmouth Cathedral. The highlight of the evening will be the performance by the evening’s soloist, Alexandra Peel. Her performance of Bruch’s famous Violin Concerto will captivate the audience and showcase her great talent and virtuosity. Alexandra’s delicate touch and her technical prowess will bring the music to life, creating a truly unforgettable experience for those in attendance.

The Solent Symphony Orchestra, conducted by renowned conductor Steve Tanner, provides the perfect accompaniment. The ensemble’s musicians are among the best in the region, and their passion for classical music is reflected in powerful and expressive performances. The combination of the orchestra and Alexandra’s solo performance turns into a musical feast where the audiences can fully enjoy these masterpieces of the classical repertoire.

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