Sonare Quartet: 900 years of choral music by female composers

900 Years of Choral Music by Female Composers is the promise from London-based choral quartet Sonare as they perform for the Festival of Chichester at St Peter’s Place, Fishbourne on Wednesday, June 21 at 7pm.

They comprise Victoria Stilwell soprano, Stella Bracegirdle alto, Toby Churchley tenor and George Salmon bass. And together they are turning the spotlight on a wealth of exciting, moving and even boundary-breaking music, spanning 900 years, taking in everything from German mystics to famous siblings – and going right up to the present day with music from Stella, the composer amongst them. 

 “This programme is something we’ve wanted to do ever since we started,” Victoria says, “and it has been great fun to do. Even the piece that we begin with that was written 900 years ago, the composer was very bold and cutting edge for her time. It is really nice to be able to give these composers a bit of spotlight.”

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