Support for musicians and the musical community

As the Coronavirus crisis deepens, I would like to offer what support I can via the Noticeboard to the local musical community, who are going to find the next few months very challenging indeed.

It’s not been possible to update each entry on the Music in Portsmouth website to show that it’s been cancelled. I’ve only updated those events where I’ve been able to find out that this is the case. It would be best to assume that all events are on hold until the Government alters its guidance.

I can only hope that the majority of listed concerts can be rescheduled at a later date.

In the meantime, I would like to:

• Write profiles of local musicians – whether they be composers, conductors or performers*
• Share videos and audio clips, including video-casts and live-streamed concerts – the concert venues are closed but the music goes on
• Share articles and other resources which may be of interest.

If you hear of anything you’d like me to share, or if you would like me to write a profile of you, please contact me or message me via Twitter to submit material for inclusion.

Meanwhile, stay well everyone and let’s keep in touch.

* Read about:
Stefanie Read
Susan Yarnall-Monks
Alex Poulton
Stewart Collins
Catherine Lawlor
Crispin Ward
Clive Osgood
Jack Davies
Vincent Iyengar
Jonathan Willcocks
Susan Legg
Lucy Humphris
Nik Knight
Andrew Cleary
Steve Venn
Cathy Mathews
David Price
William Waine
Stella Scott
David Russell
Peter Gambie
Lynden Cranham
Ben Lathbury
Valentina Seferinova
Ann Pinhey
Geoff Porter
Tim Fisher
Terry Barfoot
Angela Zanders
Peter Best
Colin Jagger
Ian Schofield
Matthew Coleridge
Nicola Benedetti
Beryl Francis
Alex Poulton
David Gostick
Stuart Reed
Lucy Armstrong
Roy Theaker
Julia Bishop
Anne White
Wayne Mayor
Stefano Boccacci
Ben Lathbury
Jake Barlow
Penny Gordon
Antonia Kent
John Elder
Simon Wilkins

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