Sussex Young Musician of the Year joins Festival of Chichester

Winning the Sussex Young Musician title in 2022 brought important and unexpected lessons for Zoe Barnett who returns to the county to give a guitar recital for the Festival of Chichester on Saturday 8 July at the Regis School of Music.

“The Sussex Young Musician competition was amazing. It feels like so long ago but it was such a special day. I was at a concert in Wales in the morning and that was really, really fun but then I had to trek all the way back to London because the trains were cancelled to Burgess Hill and then I had to get down to Burgess Hill from there and I was trying to manage my nerves for the competition.

“I always like to be very prepared and I like to play a lot during the day of a competition but I couldn’t because I was stuck on the train. I remember thinking at that point that I’m just going to have to let go all my feelings and just go with it. It taught me a lot.

“It taught me that I can’t control every single performance and every single thing about it. It taught me not to put so much pressure on myself about the actual day. And I think I’ve since really developed that side of my thought process before performing and about performing. It’s just about letting everything go.”

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