“Apocalypse Now”: the Charity Symphony Orchestra appeals for string players

Here’s a challenge for string players in the South Coast area. If you’re ready for romance and have lots of stamina, this is just the thing for you.

The prestigious Charity Symphony Orchestra urgently needs string players for its forthcoming concert on Saturday 27 October. The venue is Romsey Abbey – a great place to play in. There are three items on the bill by two of the most romantic composers ever to scribble a score.

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The main event is Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No 8 in C minor. There are also two pieces by Richard Wagner. These works demand a large ensemble and, as always, plenty of violins, violas, ‘cellos and basses are needed. Not only that, the players will need lots of stamina for these major works.

Bruckner’s Symphony No 8 was the last the composer wrote. It’s nicknamed the Apocalyptic Symphony. Dedicated to the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, it was published and premiered in Vienna in 1892. There are four movements, three in C minor which includes a trio in A flat major and an adagio in D flat major.

This major work is reminiscent of Beethoven but actually more like Wagner. This is handy as both the other works on the programme are by Wagner himself.

The Flying Dutchman is the overture from his opera Der fliegender Hollander. It all about the luckless captain of a ghost ship destined to sail the seas forever. It’s based on an old folk tale, but Wagner was inspired to write it after a very stormy sea crossing from Riga to London.

The third piece is Wagner’s Good Friday Music from his opera Parsifal; a story about a medieval knight in search of the Holy Grail. Knights and damsels and an elusive, mystic challis – you couldn’t get more romance than that.

Musicians taking part in this CSO concert will have the privilege and benefit of playing under the batons of three first-class conductors. Within the programme the Director of the CSO, Craig Lawton will be sharing the rostrum with his friends Dom Harries and Paul Ingram. Each of the three maestros will play one of the works.

The concert is in aid of Leukaemia Busters, an extremely worthy cause. As usual, it costs players nothing to take part. There will be a rehearsal at the Abbey starting at noon on Saturday 27th October and another earlier rehearsal at Cantell School Violet Rd, Southampton SO163GJ, from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday 29th September.

Those who would like to take part should contact the CSO Orchestral Manager, Harriet Carey via enquiries@charityso.org.uk.

For those who have not played with the Charity Symphony Orchestra before, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

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