The Portsmouth Chamber Music Series offers ‘Sounds of Now’

Please visit the Portsmouth Chamber Music Series pages to view all the concerts in the 2023-24 season.

There are four extra concerts called ‘Sounds of Now’, offering a very different kind of chamber music but with the same artistic quality as the ‘regular’ season. They are impossible to categorise – there is a mezzo-soprano and violinist, a recorder and accordion playing composers such as Cage and Pärt, a ‘traditional’ string quartet playing new music, and an Indian-music-inspired concert.

Standard full price tickets for ‘Sounds of Now’ concerts are just £10, while tickets for the six chamber concerts remain at the same price as last season (top price £20). As usual you can get a 20% discount if you purchase all six, and this discount extends also to ‘Sounds of Now’, so you can actually choose any six or more concerts and get 20% off.

Tickets can be purchased online via the Guildhall website, or in person at the Guildhall box office. If you follow this link, select whichever concerts you want and click next, then click the large shaded box at the bottom and a dialogue box appears allowing you to select full price, concession price, or under-25s. If you want a second ticket, repeat the process. Once you have done that it remembers your price category and you move to the next concert and click on the shaded box as many times as you want tickets (you have to buy the same number for each concert to get the season discount).

Colin Jagger

Pictured: Manasamitra

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